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As of 01-01-2021 the prices are:

Description Price (€) Unit
Productcodes and feature type codes (LINNAEUS model) 1200 year
Company codes 500 year
Company and location codes 1000 year
Other codes (including data elements) 125 year
Logistic means codes 125 year
Auction group codes RoyalFloraHolland Free  
ISO code lists 100 year
E-Cert code lists (Client Export) 1000 year
Product codes, feature type codes and GPC codes 2000 year
Colour codes 500 year
Goods codes (including product group codes) 400 year
Register of certificates and company codes 5000 year


For actual prices, please see the rates on the website of Floricode.


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fill in the application form "Access  to Masterdata (API)", downloadable here: